E-Learning: Does it Really Work?

I have been exploring using a Digital Learning system for my organisation. The drivers are simple: Reduce costs, especially printing and courier fees and assist with the learning that needs to occur in remote locations. It has been interesting journey in research and exploring this. In some respects, it has been incredible frustrating.

Traditional e-learning or CBT is a process that focuses on the individual learner interacting with a computer or passive sets of information that respond to triggers from the learner. All potential Artificial Intelligence potential aside, CBT is a passive learning medium. It is highly over-rated and the retention ability to create understanding of complex issues. The e-learning model is uses the presentation learning methodology; presenting information to the learner, for him or her to absorb.

The challenge with this model is that most technology solutions is that focus on either a passive learning mode or a presentation model of learning. I have explored some of the following technology options:
* Adobe Connect Pro (www.adobe.com)
* Moodle (www.moodle.com)
* Blackboard (www.blackboard.com)
This list is relatively endless, the challenge is getting the right search criteria on Google 🙂

There is very little that I can see that uses a digital alternative to the facilitation methodology involving a learner driven process. I have seen a large amount of interaction around the use of Web 2.0 in Learning and I want to explore this in more detail.

I am still not able to answer the question around e-learning, as I cannot even test it properly yet. So I will get back to you on that one.

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