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IT & Corporate Life

I find it fascinating how shortsighted many businesses are regarding technology. The simple lack of planning and integration of various practices in terms of different departments and the opportunity for collaboration.

The concept of Web 2.0 is being driven by Marketing and not by IT, HR or the Executives. The opportunity for collaboration, marketing, recruitment and operational productivity improvements is enormous.

I am not just talking about making a Facebook group or a Myspace page. It?s not just about putting a digg button on your site or just having a forum or corporate blog. As a beginning, I am talking about integrating of corporate search, creating collaborative tools with you staff through learning and, your suppliers through the improvements in delivery strategies (In South Africa, Ince are doing some interesting things, – I don?t work for them!).

Some people suggest that IT needs to empower themselves ( I would tend to agree. But most IT is focused on their comfort zones. Generally, their are MS bunnies, Open Sources hamsters and the clueless rabbits. Corporate IT is not always able to make the paradigm move to realise their need to integrate themselves with other aspects of the business and focus on the business as a whole. IT need to improve their ability to change the business and not focus purely on license costs and bandwidth that enable them to be lazy coders or Bit-torrent hogs.

Enough of a rant today 🙂

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