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Previously in my twitter feed, I made a number of comments about Experts. I suppose I asked for it. I get hundreds of people promising me that they are experts, especially those in social media. Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert. My comments (which seemed to cause all the disagreement) was “Malcolm Gladwell “10000 hours to become an expert”-but 10000 hours on fb doesn’t make a social media expert – just someone with time on fb”.

There were a number of comments passed on that one. The comment came out of my frustration with so-called experts. I have people who spend loads of time on facebook and then claim that they are experts on social media. It is the same with consultants, teachers and other so called experts.

An “Ex” is a “has been” and a “Spirt” is a “Drip Under Pressure” – interesting view. But the real question is what makes an expert?